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Electrical Services

Epc Business

I. S.F Enterprises provides turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for urban and rural electrification, electrical substations and transmission, building electrification, metro electrification and civil projects amongst others. We have the requisite engineering skills and experience to deliver complex projects in time and budgets. Our team of highly skilled engineering professionals have delivered some of the most prestigious and highly challenging EPC projects for government bodies, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and corporates. The company has a strong portfolio of past and existing projects across multiple industries that include power and energy, airports, highways, railways and urban transport.

Meter Management Group (MMG)

New Installation/Replacement & energizing all types of 1Ph, 3Ph, electronics Energy Meters (including Group Meters, Smart Meters, Pole Meters etc.) and associated accessories, with communication. If existing meter is found installed inside consumer premises, it has to be brought outside during replacement Sealing & Resealing of Energy Meter / Busbar /Meter Box. Removal / Reconnection / Disconnection / Shifting of Energy Meters / resolution of Not Downloading cases. Ensuring meter getting downloaded after installation/ replacement/ shifting/ resealing/ chord change/ resolution of not downloaded complaints.

  1. New Meter Installation
  2. Re-Connection
  3. Burnt Meter/Faulty Meter Changed
  4. Display Faulty Meter Changed
  5. Load Enhancement
  6. BSES Initiative Changed
  7. Shifting of the Meter

Loss Reduction:

When we took over the charge for above mentioned area in May 2014, the loss level was 53% approx. After making hard work and efforts of our team, we are doing our level best to achieve the target and to reduce the losses further.     The Central enforcement as well as division enforcement have booked the approx 210 No.  DT cases and booked the load with the help of M/s I.S. Enterprises for loss reduction in Batla House and Zakir Nagar area with any police protection.

DT Cleaning /Meter Revamping Works

We did the DT Cleaning work on 28 No.Transformer in Batla House & Zakir Nagar area. We Fix the Wiring, installation and Commissioning of New meters/ replacing of Old existing Electro Mechanical/Electronic Meters at the premises of the consumers.

Fixing of Shearing Nut/Bolt for Closure of DBs & Bus Bars etc


We are doing recovery of outstanding energy dues from Small Load Customer Category (SLCC) Consumers. The scope of the contract is strictly confined to the field activities of recovery from BRPL’s consumers who have defaulted in paying the energy dues 30 days after due date. We have a efficient team of recovery boys/girls for the same and they disconnect and remove the cable from the pole end if needed for the recovery of dues.


We are a leading supplier and service provider efficiently serving a rich clientele with our Services. Customers from different industries contact us due to our proficiency in timely completing both small and turnkey projects as per the industry standards. It is ensured that quality standards are maintained and clients’ are served in most fruitful manner.